Free high-quality Wi-Fi that’s easy to connect


Being an Aena Club member also has its benefits when it comes to browsing

How do I log in?

Select the Wi-Fi network in your device’s settings: AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA

Enter the address into your browser and confirm:

Log in with your Aena Club, Facebook or LinkedIn username and you’ll enjoy faster connection speeds without having to sign up.

With these steps you are now connected.

Fill in the data, read and accept the terms and conditions.

If you wish to receive commercial correspondence, select the option.

Log in with your Aena Club username and you’ll be able to browse at full speed without having to identify yourself again, even if you go to another airport.

And enjoy everything this club offers you!

Not a member of Aena Club yet?

All you have to do is sign up and you’ll gain access to all the exclusive benefits of
Aena Club members for parking, VIP lounges, shops and restaurants and other airport services.


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