Benefits of being a member of Aena Club

Discounts with a booking


10% discount on all the booking prices via the website.

Not compatible with the 10% discount on bookings via the app.

Discounts without a booking


Obtain a 10% discount at Aena’s General and Preferential car parks, with up to 50% on selected routes by scanning your boarding card!

Discount on the rate applicable exclusively without a prior booking (maximum one free day per stay).

Mobile Payment Service via the Aena app


Download the official Aena app or update it to the latest version.

Log in or sign up for Aena Club.

Select 'Parking booking and payment' and select your number plate to proceed with the payment (remember that you can enter up to three number plates in your profile).

Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll receive an email with your receipt. This service is valid for stays with and without a prior booking.

Remember that, as a member of Aena Club Cliente, you’ll obtain discounts on parking. View them at

Service available at all the airports in the Aena network.

In this video you can quickly see how the service operates.

How does the mobile payment work?

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Number Plate Payment


No ticket, no checkouts, no waiting.

Join our Number Plate Payment service.

In this video you can quickly see how the service operates.

How does the number plate payment work?

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Aena Club members for parking, VIP lounges, shops and restaurants and other airport services.


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Premium Wi-Fi

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